Apparel Buying & Sourcing Agent/Service provider in Bangladesh. We are bringing a unique opportunity for potential buyers and offering a wide range of styles at a flexible quantity for productions. We have specialized team of staff to source goods from different parts of the world and manage to make the desire goods for you at an affordable price which would not be possible by other buying house actively working in the market due to order quantity. We are different because we can make the most minimum order quantity required for any potential customer. As we believe as a new vendor it’s not only difficult but sometimes questionable to place significant orders for each style basically if it is a boutique house or immerging fashion house.


Our Team of Fashion Designers are well synced and ready for the Job. This team consists of qualified professionals who are regarding trends, upcoming fashion and innovative. We only hire extraordinary talents and can say our team fits the description. Our services are being used by many buyers from across the world. They are all in search for pure perfection in the garment products that they get designed. The needs of our customers are the main priority of our fashion designer team. It is not a difficult task for our designers in relation to needs for design, fabric, trims and others. We have hired a team of virtual fashion designers from targeted countries. Abrar Sourcing believes only natives can realize the demands of their respective countries. The final output is thus perfectly suited for the targeted markets of our customers. Placing an order is easy and if you have burning questions feel free to contact us.


The sourcing business is continually evolving. It is complex and require frequent and enthusiastic work to stay up with the latest with what nations is generally useful for specific items. It additionally requests commitment with regards to codes of behaviors, ensuring that guidelines and principles are kept. With our nearby presence, expertise and great relations Abrar Sourcing Limited ensure a qualitative production all through the entire chain, serious evaluating and an incredible consideration for work and ecological inquiries. Find our wide scope of items and don’t spare a moment to reach out on any thoughts you may have, we love a decent talk, cost effective solutions and creative challenges.

Woven Bottoms and Denim ( CargoPants, 5-Pockets Pants, Skirts)
Circular Knits (T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Sweatshirts, Function Wear)
Sweaters (all types of knits) Shirt (Men’s and ladies’)


Merchandising team sources, the right partner factories with correct price, product and compliance mix. When the garment goes into production our team of merchandisers will supervise the daily production process. You will be kept informed of your order status by e-mail or phone as our staff monitor production and all the associated detail; fabric, trims, paper patterns, finishes, fabric and accessories, testing labels, size sets, lab dips, pre-production samples, photo samples, adhering to schedules, packaging and presentation, shipment details.
Lead times 
Average sales sample lead time:30 to 40 days
Average production lead time:90 to 120 days
Repeat orders:40 to 60 days

Quality Checks

We never settle for anything short of fulfillment. Our quality control teams are on-site throughout the production process, undertaking risk analysis during development stages and ensuring strict inspection of incoming fabric and raw materials. We have several steps in our quality assurance process, all included in our services. At Abrar Sourcing limited nature obviously cover perfect textures, shadings, fits and cuts yet it additionally implies more than that.  Dedicated teams enforce social, ethical and health & safety compliance, ensuring the best possible working conditions

Local QC:
Send us as much details as you can, specification sheets, swatches, samples etc. we will than utilize our knowledge to develop your product, find the best sources and make the sample. If the price is workable, then we will produce a prototype and work closely with you to ensure that the sample meets needs.

At Abrar Sourcing Limited you get what you see. And we want you to see what you get. As such we of course offer as many samples as needed, both prior and under the production order process. Review, revise and get it right.


Looking for a garment exporter that can fulfill your requirements? Well, then you’ve come to the right place. We have own logistics company (Rapid Transit Freight Limited), and have ample amounts of experience. Thus, we shall guide you step by step through all the exporting procedures.

Our ceaseless and sincere effort always goes to ensure high-class quality and in-time shipment. Efficient flows and cost-consciousness at every stage are crucial to our success. These factors ensure that the right goods end up in the right quantity for each buyer – and at the best price for buyers.

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Post Shipment Services

To avoid demurrage at destination, we keep copies of shipping documents such as B/L, AWB, Invoice, packing list, original G.S.P., Certificate of Origin, Export Certificate etc. from all suppliers immediately after shipment and forward it to respective buyers. Should there still arise any misunderstanding or dissatisfaction in respect of any order, we actively help in finding a mutually acceptable solution to the problem.

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